Maui personal trainer Theresa Felgate teaching proper exercise techniques for fitness and health.

Workouts by appointment at:

Pacific Therapy & Wellness

1816 Mill Street



Tee believes that we each owe it to ourselves to be active, for our bodies were designed to MOVE. She enjoys helping others achieve their true potential. Her goal is to teach people to make gradual, realistic changes so activity becomes a way of life for them. 



Using her teaching and science background, Theresa continually educates and provides resources for those interested in improving their lives. She likes to teach people to develop skills that will allow them to work independently in their quest for overall fitness. Her workouts are safe, effective, productive, and well balanced. She loves helping others learn to live longer, healthier, happier lives.


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           Fit to a "Tee"
Maui Personal Fitness Training       
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Theresa "Tee" Felgate, MS, MBA

Master of Science, Exercise Physiology
ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Safe, effective workouts in a private Wailuku gym.

Helping keep Maui fit for over 20 years!

Tee wants to help you achieve your fitness, health and weight goals now!
 (808) 757-3322    

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